Tips and Tricks

From time to time, I'll post some tips and tricks how to maintain and operate your firearm.  Many of these come from Youtube.  Check back now and again for new items!

Disclaimer:  Actions on this page are not necessarily good or safe practices for you or your equipment.  They are presented here as information only.  I DO NOT NECESSARILY ENDORSE ANYTHING PRESENTED HERE.  It is YOUR CHOICE to view and/ or follow any information presented. You agree to view or take action upon what you view is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Cleaning a Revolver

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This video walks through a thorough cleaning of a revolver.  While quite good, it does exhibit the use of a drill and brush to clean the cylinder chambers.  I specifically do not recommend that technique.


Cleaning a Pistol

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This video is the companion to cleaning a revolver. The video demonstrates how to clean, in general, your semi-auto pistol.


Sight Picture

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This short video, produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, is very helpful to learn how to align your pistol sights.


Maintaining a Sig Pistol

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These short videos, offered by Brownells, demonstrates how to maintain Sig P22x pistols.


Lubricating Your Glock

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This illustration shows the recommended amount and locations for lubricating your Glock. Glocks do "like to run dry." Be careful about over-lubricating.

Glock Lube Points

Shot Placement Chart

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This "pie chart" helps to show what you may be doing if your rounds are not hitting the bulls-eye. Keep practicing!

Shot Placement

Using Mil Dots to Estimate Distance

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An excellent article from a GunsAmerica blog explaining how to use Mil Dots to estimate distance to an object.

Using a mil-dot scope to figure out how far away an object is requires only a little simple math.
[Click here to go to the blog]

Rifle Shooting Basics

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A great video on rifle shooting basics good for beginners or a reminder for experienced shooters.

Rifle 101 Video

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